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RMCSoft is a team of very talented and highly skilled developers. Some of them have clocked 20 years of experience in programming and have degrees in science. All of our project managers are PRINCE2 certified.

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We are an international team of software development experts. With offices in Charlotte (NC, USA), Voronezh (Russia) and Skolkovo (Moscow, Russia), we have implemented software solutions for companies all over the world. Our highly accredited team is a part of one of the most successful software development companies in the Eastern Europe − RELEX Group.

Our position is characterized by innovation and the quality of the solutions we offer. With the close team of over 150 highly educated experienced developers, we know what loyalty and quality means. Taking advantage of over 20 years of experience in software development, the company has launched many high-performance products with its partners.

Our team spirit, creativity, ongoing technology training and self-motivation enable us to work with high-profile partners from the USA, Canada and Europe. Our team has delivered IT solutions for manufacturing, healthcare, e-commerce, media, communications, retail marketing, and data security. We can guarantee the highest quality of our products through our ISO-9001 certified testing lab and the strict Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments.

At RMCSoft we care about your needs, challenges and particularities of your business. We offer custom IT solutions ready to drive your business growth. Our team will assist you with security enhancements, cross-platform integrations, database migrations and optimizations, and many other tasks. We will provide full support after the implementation of the product. All we want is to help you work smart and succeed. We run a sizeable, healthy, profitable business, so that we can confidently tell our customers that we can be with them for years to come.

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This user-friendly Jira plugin is an all-in-one dashboard with daily work logs and performance reports for project managers and team leaders.

This intuitive Jira plugin is a bug and issue tracker designed to help QA teams with improving task management and bug-fixing processes. All within one Jira task!

Whether you want to use Stack Overflow data to identify issues with your app or learn about trends that will shape the technology industry, SO-Shovel is the tool that can help.

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2b Bahmetiev Str., 8th floor, Voronezh 394006, Russia


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