Finding the Right CTO or Tech Co-founder: Survey of Charlotte Startups

For startups, the scramble to find the perfect tech partner is real. Regardless of the title — co- founder, CTO — the right technical mind brings much-needed vision and execution. But where does a startup find that elusive genius? Download the report to find out.

Questions for Startups

Startups face many unique challenges, but talent acquisition is a universal struggle —one that goes beyond headhunting, salary and negotiation. We wanted to know where the startup community is looking for technology management right now.

Do they find their talent in-house? Are they outsourcing? How do they feel about their tech teams as a whole?

For answers, RMCSoft went straight to the source and conducted a survey of startup leaders to get a feel for the community at large. We then took those insights to several local tech experts to get a better sense of the bigger picture.

Our Experts

We asked a few prominent people in the Charlotte community to provide comments and help us make sense of our survey findings.

Peter Prakash

Greg Brown

Raja Musunuru

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