Automated Ticket Control System

Customer: Nationwide transportation enterprise.

Task: To automate the ticket control planning, passenger flow analysis and generate live reports.

Description: Our team designed and implemented the entire database schema and the system architecture. The application has 3 modules: ticket control system, passenger flow analysis and a database application.

The plan ticket control. Generates route ratings based on primary raw data and aggregates route checking, ticket collectors schedule and tasks for each ticket collector.

Passenger flow analysis. Analyzes the passenger flow via a subsystem that determines a vehicle location at a station and calculates the number of entering passengers.

Database Application. The end application handles large amounts of data: 3 to 7,5 million records per day. As a result, several tables (over 2 billion records each) are processed concurrently in the online database, and with the accumulation of history these numbers will grow.

Technologies: Java, MS SQL, MS Report Server, Spring, Spring Security, Aspose, Angular JS, Bootstrap