Analytics Platform Integration

Customer: A Large international company developing data visualization and business intelligence tools

Task: To enhance the capabilities of the existing analytics platform by expanding the set of data sources

Solution: The team has implemented two levels of integrating the new database into the platform:

  1. Development of a special-purpose intermediate driver to abstract the application from the DBMS specifics. The driver was implemented using CLI (Call Level Interface).
  2. Support of the new driver in the internal layers of the analytics platform, considering the specifics of the integrated databases.

The BI platform was integrated with multiple database management systems:

  • Postgres, Teradata, MySQL, SQLite, HP Vertica – fully integrated into the platform;
  • Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 – partially integrated (as requested by the Customer).

Technologies: The system was developed in C++ using COM and ATL libraries. To avoid performance reduction during resource-intensive OLAP and DW operations, the lowest possible level of interface was used for each DBMS.