Converter eDiscovery Tool

The Problem: Apart from a large number of documents, another challenge that litigation cases pose is the printing process. Many lawyers and judges prefer to work with the hard copy (paper version) of the documents. Legal and medical industries are by far the most conservative and the slowest to catch up with technology. Having to print 2000 files for a litigation case is a real challenge when you deal with file formats such as emails, spreadsheets, presentations, word documents, images etc. And when the case involves parties from different countries with different standards in page size, the situation only gets worse. The reality is that a lot of printing is done manually and there aren’t many software packages for printing different files formats in one go.
One of our clients wanted to automate this process, save time and save a lot of paper by finding a digital solution to it.

The Solution: We discussed the problem with the client and our experts analyzed the options. The work around the problem was to have the printing process split into two phases. At first phase, all the different files would be converted into PDFs, saving a copy of the original. The second phase would be to print the PDFs in batch. This would be a lot easier since all the files have become same format. After all, the client was interested in the content of files not in inches versus millimeters or A4 versus Letter.
Using the powerful Aspose library, our developers have created a piece of software that takes various files types and converts them into PDFs. There are a lot of settings that we have built into the application such as pagination, watermarks and baits. This is a very useful .NET tool that can anytime be used in a much bigger system, facilitating more automation in litigation cases.
For the phase two of the printing the client can use any software that handles PDFs and there are plenty of them, starting with Adobe Acrobat, the standard in portable document formats.

The Benefit: The software solution is now saving our client’s business a lot of money by reducing paper waste and man hours for the printing jobs. What’s more is that he now has an accurate way of estimating the printing jobs for himself and his clients beforehand.