Cryptocurrency Investment Portal

Client: E/CAPITAL, a European cryptocurrency and mining hardware startup

Challenge: Develop a portal that makes it easy for people to participate in the cryptocurrency mining business

Solution: RMCSoft designed and developed a sophisticated web portal. The built-in functionality of the application allows registered users to buy cryptocurrency coins and invest them into the mining of Bitcoin and other currencies. Users are rewarded with a daily profit based on the amount they’ve invested. Security has played a major role in the project since the platform involves real money transactions. We have implemented a set of network restrictions, strong encryption ciphers, 2-factor authentication, and various other checks and balances. About 20% of time was dedicated to testing in order to make sure there is no tickets on production.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Linux CentOS, Google Cloud Platform

Results: This is perhaps one of the first cryptocurrency banks as users can deposit coins, earn interest on their saving account and also invest in mining. The release was a total success and the client is planning to expand functionality with a massive 2.0 release very soon.