Data Transfer Protocols Synchronizer

Client: Major national manufacturer of the navigational equipment.

Task: The Customer has requested for us to develop a tool to synchronize various information exchange protocols.

Solution: Our team has developed a soft gateway and a software emulator supporting customizable user scripts to test it. The gateway software can work with real communication devices as well as with the emulator.

A separate task performed in this project was a voice message transfer system involving VoIP technology.

We migrated DDLs, stored procedures/packages, data loading scripts, and developed several modules in Java/C whose purpose is to provide missing/insufficient DB2 functionality. We also migrated a set of Perl scripts (main script size ~11K lines).

Technologies: Astra Linux 4 (CE/SE), C++11. The Qt 5 library (QWidgets frameworks and QML, QtCreator, XML. CodeSynthesis XSD library, Xerces-C++, Ethernet networks, UDP protocol, GNU Make, gcc, dpkg, Google Protocol Buffers, Log4cpp, Cppcheck, Google C++ Testing Framework.

The voice communication system is based on the Linphone library.