Electronic Document System

Customer: Leading national developer of workflow, document flow and business process management solutions.

Our team first got to know the Customer while working on a pilot project on deploying and updating the company’s applications from a hierarchic maven repository. The next task for the team was to develop plugins for the document management system interface (a local repository to store the downloaded files in the file system, and the dialog boxes to work with the files were created). The plugins were developed for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and adapted to the most popular browsers.

Our programmers are still working closely with their international development team. The project currently continues, and the product is constantly being enhanced. Our team is developing and supporting the “thin” Web client (high-level architectural solutions as well as their implementation of modules and visual components).

Technologies: Java, GWT (+GWTP), JavaScript, CSS, XSD, XML, Maven, Git, REST, Spring, Apache Tomcat application server.