Medical Centre Management System

Customer: Medical Diagnostics Center.

Task: The Customer needed help in the optimization of the company’s business processes to facilitate the horizontal scaling of the business. There was the issue of equipment downtime and ineffective use of human resources which technology had to resolve. The project included several stages:

Stage 1. Analysis of the existing business processes, requirement acquisition and formulation, making up proposals on processes and IT systems.

Stage 2. Developing the requirements to the standard hardware of the diagnostic center, including compatibility analysis by the interaction standards for medical equipment (MRI, CAT, ultrasound, blood analyzers) and IT infrastructure (network, nodes, printers, POS, scanners).

Stage 3. Developing the technical design (project prototype and key system functionality).

Stage 4. Implementing the first development phase: reception automation, electronic queue, communication between the system kernel and medical equipment.

Stage 5. Personnel training and transparent transition of the diagnostic center to the new processes and tools supporting them.

Technologies: Java, С++, Oracle, J2EE, GWT, iBatis, COM/ATL, win32 API, Firebreath, working with DICOM format, HL7.