Medical Center Management System

Client: European medical diagnostic center

Challenge: Develop web applications for automating business processes, financial and operational activities of a medical diagnostic center.

Solution: The project has been completed in a few stages. First, we performed the analysis of the existing business processes and developed the requirements for medical equipment (MRI, CT, ultrasound, blood analyzers) and IT infrastructure (network, nodes, printers, POS, scanners). Then, we designed the project prototype and key system functionality. Finally, an electronic queue, communication between the system kernel and medical equipment and reception automation were implemented, the company’s personnel was trained and transparent transition to the new processes and tools supporting them was completed.

Technologies: Java, С++, Oracle, J2EE, GWT, iBatis, COM/ATL, win32 API, Firebreath, working with DICOM format, HL7.

Results: Issues of equipment downtime and ineffective use of human resources have been successfully resolved with the help of technology. The client now has web applications that coordinate and integrate activities involved in the management and running of a medical center.