Medical Web System

Client: US private medical practice

Challenge: Develop a custom, turnkey software solution for HIS, RIS and PACS that includes everything from order entry to report creation and critical results reporting and tracking.

Solution: RMCSoft developed a distributed web service for storing, managing and sharing medical data such as patient personal records, accepted orders for medical examinations and test results between medical laboratories. The solution has enabled integration to a wide variety of RIS and other hospital information systems and implementing and supporting distributed systems. During the second stage of the development, programmers made it possible for the software to communicate with medical equipment. This project involved low-level programming and networking, writing drivers and firmware and using specific protocols.

Technologies: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, XML/XSL, CGI-Scripts, ASP (Active Server Pages), Java Applets.

Results: Medical web system has been designed as a solution that combines high performance with rich functionality in an easy-to-use environment. The client strives to become the industry leader and continually improves its products with the assistance of RMCSoft team.