Report and Management Portal

Client: US Hospital Management Company

Challenge: For better prevention of hospital-acquired infections, develop a web portal for managing mobile devices (i.e., tablets and mobile phones) used by healthcare personnel and placed to a special LED UV-C cabinet for charging and disinfection.

Solution: RMCSoft developed a web-based management portal, a tool for setting-up rules and notifications to support clinical policies at different levels. The core of the system is a database that aggregates entered data and provides access to historical data. The portal tracks the state of a medical device (sanitized, not sanitized, due, etc.) and reports on the status of individuals’ mobile devices, indicating check-in and check-out times, and whether the device was disinfected before use.

Technologies: AngularJS, Java, MySQL, Amazon AWS, Firmware ANSI C, Highload. LINUX OS and Linux virtual machines have been used during all stages of the project, including testing.

Results: This full stack application delivers cost-beneficial technology for decreasing infections by tracking information about mobile devices and their current state and providing vital oversight to healthcare workers in charge.