Timeline eDiscovery Tool

The Problem: One of the challenges in litigation cases is the shier amount of files that need to be processed. Luckily there are amazing tools like Nuix and Relativity which can automatically sort and index large amounts of emails, messages and other digital files. But preparing a litigation case takes more than that. One of our clients wanted to be able to sort the case files in a chronological order and display them visually so that he can prove his point and win the case. He turned to us for a digital solution to his problem.

The Solution: After assessing the request we designed and developed an interactive JavaScript timeline that shows all the case files in a chronological order, down to the split second. We built into the application the ability for the client to zoom in, zoom out, expand or collapse bundles of files. On top of that we have color coded the dots on the timeline so that at a glance he could see which ones are emails, which ones are text messages or files without having to read the labels or open them.

The application is simple to use. You feed it a set of files and it will automatically plot them onto the timeline according to the date stamps from the metadata. Simple, portable, visual.

The Benefit: The client was able to put his case in a smart and visual way. He saved a lot of time by using this tool and he is able to reuse it for as many other cases as he likes. Now he is thinking to have the 2.0 version with multiple timelines and even vertical axes. We are happy to help!