X-Ray Viewer

Client: US private medical practice

Challenge: Develop an advanced medical image viewer compatible with a client’s software product for HIS, RIS and PACS.

Solution: RMCSoft developed a software package for viewing and manipulating X-ray images and tomograms in the DICOM format. The viewer allows the use of multiple screens simultaneously and a number of features such as changing brightness and contrast, adding and deleting comments, tagging, zooming, rotating, flipping images and more. Users can also see the patient’s entire timeline at the top of the screen and compare prior studies side by side. Reporting tools are also accessible from within the viewer.

Technologies: XML, TCP/IP, SOAP, MFC

Results: 100% Browser-based DICOM viewer for working with medical images and reports has been successfully developed. This powerful easy-to-learn and easy-to-use application provides exceptional performance and quality that is comparable to advanced imaging workstations.