Medical Technology Solutions

RMCSoft provides comprehensive software and hardware development services for medical technology companies creating solutions and devices designed to save and improve people’s lives. Defining the future of healthcare, we work with medtech companies that use technology to give patients the best possible care and develop new patient- and physician-centric medical tools and devices.

If you’re looking for a team with a people-first attitude that speaks HIPAA, HL7, EHR, EMR, DICOM and IHE, we’d be glad to cooperate and become your technology partner.

Internet of Things

We have patented an embedded database system that is perfect for connecting ‘things’ on the internet, working inside the on-board computers of battle tank and aircraft, in car audio systems, mobile phones and other mobile devices limited in resources. We can develop drivers, firmware and software that work with the following protocols: Bluetooth, WiFi, IPv4\IPv6, 6LoWPAN, 2G\3G, Radio (TETRA).

Custom Software

We do it all. From hardware drivers to complicated educational systems. Our portfolio includes nuclear power plant health assessment system, airport flight radar, accounting system, data-mining projects and many others.
Our development team includes experts with over 20 years of experience in C, C++, we are also proficient at Java, C# and several other programming languages.
We architect the solution based on customer’s requirements, we develop, test and maintain it. With us, you can be assure of the Intellectual Property Protection, ISO 9001 code compliance, proper technical documentation and professional support.

Full Stack Web & Mobile Development

Our team includes full-stack experts with deep knowledge of various technologies and languages used in mobile and web development. We have built anything from small Android or iOS mobile apps to complex cloud-based platforms. We can build a module for your existing system, create an integration solution for various workflow components or build an entire application with the most challenging requirements.


RMCSoft specializes in providing top-notch custom blockchain development services and cryptocurrency solutions. Our developers have a deep understanding of the blockchain technology and comprehensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world. They are also experienced in building and reviewing secure applications.
Our work involves smart contracts, research and deployment, tokens and ICOs. The latter, in particular, with full-cycle cryptocurrency creation and support for client’s ICO, as well as other crucial elements such as token concepts and design. RMCSoft is your one stop solution for cryptocurrency software development.

Electronics Hardware Design

Do you want to develop a new electronic hardware product? Our team can offer you a full service, from a concept to a finished product. We can help you with technical analysis of product requirements, writing functional specifications, drawing a schematic design, designing a printed circuit board (PCB), writing firmware for microcontrollers, making GERBER files for production, building a prototype and a finished digital deliverable.

We can design digital devices with microcontrollers that can control LCD, relays, switches, different sensors, built-in ADC, UART, and Arduino-like modules and sensors. To turn our clients’ ideas into reality we use the following software: Altium Designer, Atmel Studio, and IAR Embedded workbench for AVR.

Software System Integration

We develop software for most of the operating systems on the market: Linux\Unix, Windows, Mac, Solaris and even the rare ones such as QNX or OS9000. You have a software component that runs on Mac and you would like for it to also perform in Windows? We can help. You want to port the software from one system to another? We will do it. You want the software package to work in multiple operating systems? Get in touch with us. We can even create a custom operating system based on your needs.


Are there recurrent manual processes that take much of your employee’s time? There is a great chance those could be reduced or eliminated. We can create a module to work with your existing systems that will help streamline your business.

Cloud Solutions

Custom Cloud Solutions – the choice for most modern businesses. We are most experienced in Amazon Cloud, AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure platform. Your data is easily accessible yet safe in your Private cloud. But should you move to the Cloud? We provide expert evaluation on whether the Cloud is a good option for your business. And yes, RMCSoft will implement the best solution that is tailored especially for you.

E-Discovery Tools

We have a lot of experience working with eDiscovery companies. The custom tools that we develop are helping them automate processes, save time and money.

Legacy Systems

Not ready to switch to a new software? We can speed-up your existing system by refactoring a code, maximizing network utilization, performing load-balancing on multithreaded applications, or building hi-load systems.
RMCSoft develops HW drivers, middleware, firmware, network stacks protocols, Bluetooth stacks. Our C experts are willing to bring their knowledge to your marketplace.
Needing to patch a system no one can touch? We are up to the challenge. We’ll wrap your old code with modern protocols and provide an API to the system you’d like to integrate it with. You don’t have to sacrifice the convenient features to gain new capabilities.
Are you using the software so old that no one is left to maintain it? We can also take over your technical support.

Database Optimization

With over 25 years of experience in building, maintaining and upgrading the state-of-the art DBMS, our team is your number one choice for database-related tasks. We can optimize your database for better performance, memory and space consumption, and ease of access. We can also streamline the SQL queries for established software, optimize stored procedures and triggers. We can create new queries, procedures and triggers to extend your business logic.. Or we can build your own proprietary database.

Database Migration

Whether you are migrating from the legacy proprietary system or switching among the similar data formats, we have ample experience with data mapping and migrations.

Database Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of any database system. We have built one of the most secure DBMS in the world, and would be happy to share our expertise with you! We can make it safe, whether it is shared access to tables, records or even cells in a table! From advice to implementation, we are your trusted advocate for database security.