It’s true, one can obtain some simple coding skills in just a few weeks. Yet, we are not just coders. We are a team of talented problem-solvers, creative thinkers, solution designers, passionate innovators whose collective experience in development, design, and testing allows us to overcome any challenges on the road to success. Your success.

Nick Gritsenko
As a key person responsible for the operation of RMCSoft, Nick prefers to talk business. He holds Masters degree in Information Technology and Business, and a passion for Agile methodology. In his free time, Nick likes to play soccer and Ibanez guitars - along with traveling all over the world to see awe-inspiring natural wonders.
Olga Muller
Business Development Director
Olga’s background in math, languages, tech support and business has been very instrumental in various aspects of her role as a Business Development Director. During her off hours, Olga spends time with her family and friends, puts together community events, attends yoga classes and philosophical seminars and enjoys outdoor activities - hiking, biking, skiing or diving.
Olga Ryzhikova
Professional Services Consultant
Olga is always recognized by our customers for having outstanding problem-solving skills and impeccable eithics. Outside of work Olga spends time with her children, volunteering in community events and writing children's books.
Andrey Bondarenko
Project Manager
Andrey is a highly skilled C/C++/C# developer curious about learning new technologies. A list of his hobbies is literally endless and includes tennis, ping-pong, kart racing, Russian billiard, photography, puzzle solving and playing board games.
Ann Ilyina
Project Manager
Even though Ann's role is a project manager, she dedicates most of her time to programming. Python and neural network are her top interests. Outside of this, Ann enjoys language and pottery classes, creates crafts and loves playing board games with her friends.
Anastasia Voronina
Project Manager
Anastasia is a project manager who just can't sit still. If she doesn't work on her projects, she rides a bike, practices yoga, spends time with her family and plans to explore all seven continents.
Nikita Skornyakov
Nikita is a skilled Java and Kotlin developer who loves solving difficult tasks. He teaches development classes and workshops and enjoys cross-stitching, playing board games and reading science-fiction.
Yulia Kravtsova
Administrative Assistant
Yulia provides general administrative and clerical support and participates in organizing the company’s events. She enjoys spending time with her family, decorating her home with do-it-yourself crafts and traveling.
Marina Grebennikova
Marketing Specialist
Marina holds an MBA in Marketing from UTD, though in addition to being a digital marketing wizard she is a great cook, ukulele player and a world traveler.
Anton Tuzikov
Software Developer
Anton is specialising in С/C++ development though he enjoys learning new programming languages. When off duty, he brews award-winning beer and figures out how to make it even better.
Alex Zavalishin
Senior Software Developer
Being a passionate С/C++ developer, Alex is interested in sciences, and astronomy in particular. He reads lots of science fiction and fantasy books.
Ark Illarionov
Software Developer
Ark is one of the best low-level programming engineers we know. In his free time, he likes playing trivia games, watching crime and mystery movies and studying internet phenomena.
Alex Shilin
Senior Software Developer
When Alex, our senior software developer, is not in the office, you can find him roller skating (or ice skating during the wintertime), improving his ping pong skills or playing all sorts of board games, ranging from chess to those you've never heard about.
Sergey Golovin
Senior Software Developer
Sergey has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years and is happy he turned his hobby into a career. He likes kayaking, taking panoramic photos, filming amateur movies, performing magic tricks and juggling.
Yevgeny Terekhin
Senior Software Developer
Yevgeny is a guru in .net and MSSQL. He is also a fan of rock music and go-kart racing. He considers his greatest life achievement learning to avoid unnecessary conflicts with his wife.
Irina Myagkova
Account Manager
As an experienced account manager, Irina is confident that "Nothing's impossible, if you try." She likes all kinds of thrilling activities like kayaking, sailing and offroad trophy racing, plays tennis and ping pong and dances tango.
Stas Parkhomenko
Senior Software QA Engineer
Stas is a Senior QA engineer with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, a certificate in parallel programming from Intel and a number of recommendations from happy customers. Believe it or not, in his free time he studies programming in ANSI C and Java.
Yevgeny Garbuz
Senior Software QA Engineer
A Senior QA engineer with an excellent in-depth knowledge of SQL, Yevgeny develops cross-platform tests in C and by utilizing command-line interpreters sh and bat. He spends his spare time playing with his son, reading or hanging out with friends. Evgeny dreams of getting a Honda Shadow motorcycle.
Natalie Ryzhkova
Software QA Engineer
Natalie is responsible for keeping web and mobile applications bug-free. She’s a real rock’n’roller who has a list of bands she wants to see live. So far she has truly enjoyed live performances of Metallica, Guano Apes and System of a Down and can't wait to attend a concert of HIM during their farewell tour.
Roman Gavrilov
Project Manager
As a senior Java developer and a project manager, Roman works with passion on all the activities of the software development cycle. When off duty, he spends time with his adorable daughter and gets outside to enjoy nature.
Kate Meshcheryakova
Software QA Engineer
Kate's forte is finding bugs in web applications. When not working, Kate divides her free time between traveling (she's in love with Paris!), taking pictures, watching Game of Thrones and spending time outdoors with her husband and friends.
Vladimir Saharov
Software QA Engineer
Vladimir is a tester with great analytical and reasoning skills. He's very experienced in managing and leading teams, so he's planning to advance his career and become a PM in the near future. Outside of work, he likes doing calisthenics and eastern martial arts, reading fantasy and historical books and cooking.
Anton Zakablukov
Senior Software Developer
Anton specializes in .NET development and is also interested in new technologies such as machine learning and blockchain. He likes spending his spare time watching or reading science fiction.
Alekseev Aleksey
Senior Software Developer
Aleksey is a superb C/C++ developer with over 10 years of experience. The only two things he enjoys more than programming are photography and fishing! One day he hopes to catch a huge carp.